Serie A, Argentine football, Coppa Italia and many more leagues will keep fans glued to their devices this weekend.

If you are interested in watching top-caliber football, then Paramount+ should become your one-stop streaming service.

The platform will bring fans closer to some of the best games taking place this week, starting with domestic football of the best type. Paramount+ will be carrying matches for league tournaments such as Serie A, the Scottish Championship, and the USL Championship. To make it even more appealing, the service will also stream content for the Copa de la Liga Argentina and the Coppa Italia, which is entering its final stages.

Women's football will also be included in Paramount+'s offer with the anticipated clash between Everton and Arsenal. The Gunners are looking to claim the top spot of the competition, while Everton are trying to build up on last week's win to increase their chances to finish among the top five.

Without further ado, have a look at the full schedule for Paramount+.

Please remember that all matches are subject to being re-scheduled.