The Bavarians could be involved in several transfers this offseason, including one for a top-rated footballer who joined them for a record fee in the past.

The end of the 2022-23 Bundesliga is bound to bring some changes at Bayern. Some of those have been identified as needs by the club's execs, while others may come as a direct request from their players.

Ever since the end of the tournament, several Bayern players have been linked to exits from the club, whether it was because of their poor performance or due to their high wages. This time, one of their top defenders is ready to part ways with the Bavarians after another team came knocking on his door.

The player in question is none other than Lucas Hernández, and the team that is trying to lure him away from Allianz Arena is PSG. According to reports from Germany, Lucas Hernández has been quite adamant in his request to Bayern, pushing for an exit as soon as possible.

Details on the conversation between the club and the footballer were revealed by journalist Florian Plettenberg via Twitter.

Hernández was only able to play eleven games in the 2022-23 season due to a knee injury, and while his return is expected beyond this month, his agents have pushed for an exit from the Bavarians since the winter transfer window. As things stand, it seems that the ball is on PSG's side of the pitch to make this deal happen.