The Chilean boss was fully aware that his employers were trying to sign the Spanish coach, who revealed he was stepping down as Bayern's tactician in December.

Manchester City's officers revealed today Pep Guardiola will be coaching them next season, but what about their current boss? 

Hours after his fate was decided, Chilean tactician Manuel Pellegrini revealed he knew about the Citizens' intentions of signing the highly-praised coach, and he demanded the club to go public before he stepped up and revealed the news.

"There's been a lot of speculation about the matter, and that's not a good thing. I've been aware of this issue for about a month, and I told the club two weeks ago that they had to step forward and let you guys know about this, or I would call up a press conference to deal with it," Pellegrini said.

The former Real Madrid and Málaga boss doesn't believe the club back-stabbed him for starting negotiations with Guardiola, even though the team announced Pellegrini was granted a contract extension after last season.

"I signed for one more season, that's true. But my contract clearly established that both parties had the chance to overlook that extension. So, I will live up to my original contract and that's it. I'd rather end all speculation right now and be done with it, so that we can keep focused on what we have to do" the coach added.

Pellegrini joined the Citizens back in 2013. He enjoyed quite a successful first season, leading the Sky Blues to the 2013-2014 Premier League title and the Capital One cup trophy as well. After that, The Engineer failed to provide more silverware to the club, earning harsh criticism from fans and journalists. This season, Pellegrini has already qualified the Citizens to the Capital One Cup final, the UEFA Champions League knockout stage, and the fifth round of the FA Cup, while leading the Sky Blues to the second place of the Premier League standings.