The former Gunners' coach did not hold back when discussing the reasons why Klopp's men have failed to impress during their first matches of the campaign.

Liverpool's poor results during the 2022-23 season have been caused by a number of "wrong" decisions away from the pitch, particularly those that had to do with their choices when it comes to the strikers included in the squad.

Speaking in an interview with beIN Sports, former Arsenal coach and FIFA advisor Arsene Wenger did not hold back to share why he believes the Reds have struggled to perform this season.

"Liverpool's situation is hard to understand. They have the same core and the same style of play, but they are less efficient when it comes to recovering the ball. They have also struggled to dominate the ball when they outnumber the rival," Wenger said.

Then, Le Prof turned his sights on Darwin Núñez, who he criticized for the poor performances he has had as a Liverpool player.

Certainly, Darwin Núñez's signing has not worked at all. They made a great investment in him and he's just warming the bench," Wenger added.

Then, the man who led Arsenal to an unbeaten season in 2003-04 added more fuel to the fire by stating how the club had everything they needed and more with Sadio Mané, and how the team's hierarchy dropped the ball by letting him leave.

"They've lost Mané, who is a top class player and a reliable footballer for big games. He had some of the aggresive attitude, that drive you need to win those games. He seemed to enter the pitch saying 'I am going to score no matter what, I just have to make it happen'. It is hard to measure how much they are losing without him on the pitch, but they are certainly missing something they used to have by letting him leave," Wenger concluded.

Liverpool have gone four games without a loss in their last Premier League outings, although their two most recent matches have ended in a draw. It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction from the club to these words by the French coach, but what Liverpool fans are expecting to see should be a far better performance from Klopp's men wherever they go.