The Frenchman has been attracting negative press recently, with the latest being an interaction with Hakimi inside the tunnel in which he heavily criticizes his teammate.

Kylian Mbappe continues to grab the headlines at PSG, but despite the saying, any press isn't always good press.

The Frenchman remains the center piece at the Parc des Princes after turning down the opportunity to join Real Madrid for free, instead signing a new, and mega-million deal with the Ligue 1 champions.

The 23-year-old has also picked up right where he left off on the pitch as he already has seven goals under his belt in the French top-flight in only five outings. Additionally, he has two UEFA Champions League goals already, having netted a brace in the 2-1 victory over PSG on Matchday 1.

However, Kylian has been attracting negative press as well. The attacker's alleged rift with teammate Neymar returned to the headlines after a recent controversy regarding a penalty while a new video has surfaced in which the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner can be seen disparaging Achraf Hakimi over a failed pass.

The pair were caught on camera during their conversation in the tunnel, with Mbappe reprimanding his teammate for a poor pass. 

"Did you see the video? You had to give me the ball," Mbappé said.

Hakimi then responded with: "'If it's like that, I'm sorry."

However, the full-back's remorse wasn't enough for the Frenchman as he hit back, adding: "It's not enough to be sorry, give a good ball!"

It should be noted that Mbappe and Hakimi have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, a lovely relationship, one that began when the former Real Madrid talent made the switch from Inter Milan to Paris. Additionally, this incident did not occur this season but happened last campaign and is likely no longer an issue.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see after the former Monaco starlet's run-ins with Neymar this term, the most recent coming in the 2-1 UEFA Champions League victory over Juventus. Despite scoring both goals, the Frenchman came under criticism once again after failing to set up the Brazilian for a tap-in during a second-half counter attack, instead opting to shoot from a tight angle in the hope of completing his hat-trick. 

The Selecao ace wasn't pleased with this decision and aired his frustrations. However, speaking after the final whistle, Galtier played down the situation, stating that Mbappe simply failed to spot his teammate and that there was nothing more to this situation.