The Polish footballer seems to be open to continue playing for Die Roten following numerous attempts to leave the club this summer.

After weeks of speculation about his future, it seems that Robert Lewandowski may have accepted to continue playing for Bayern München rather than pushing for the exit he came to demand as the season came to an end.

In a recent interview with German newspaper Bild, the Polish footballer seemed open to see the end of his current deal with the Bavarians after some weeks of negotiations between his agents, the club, and Barcelona, who are seemingly interested in the striker. The player had stated previously that his time with the German giants was over, but now he seems ready to stay put.

"I still have one year left in my contract, that is why I asked the club for their OK to be transferred. I believe that in our current situation, me leaving now would be a good thing for the club, since they can still make some money out of it,"Lewandowski stated.

When asked about his previous words where he seemed to try and force Bayern to let him leave, Lewandowski admitted that sitting down with Die Roten's execs will be the way to go to sort things out, even if that means he needs to stay put.

"I don't want to force anything on anyone, it's not about that. I am trying to do what's best for everyone. We have to leave emotions out of this, I want to speak calmly with them and not through the media to find a way out," the player added.

Lewandowski's exit from the club would mean a serious blow to the team's chances of success in Europe, which is where they have been trying to extend their dominance after winning the last ten Bundesliga titles. If Lewandowski ends up staying put, it will be quite interesting to see him teaming up with Sadio Mané, who has recently signed a deal to join the Bavarians for the next three seasons.