The Argentine footballer will leave the black-and-white club after seven years and several titles won with the Italian side.

It is not easy for fans to bid farewell to one of their favorite players, and apparently, the same idea applies to coaches, since Massimiliano Allegri did not have flattering words for Paulo Dybala after the player refused to sign a contract extension with the bianconeri.

Speaking in an interview with DAZN, the Italian coach referred to the playmaker's exit from the club, asking him to re-discover himself rather than believing he has the skills to be known as one of the best in the world.

"Paulo needs to go back to being himself. There was a time where he got all carried out by those who labeled him as 'the new Messi'. A playet can't go around trying to play, to think or to be like someone else," Allegri said.

Then, the coach tried to soften his words by adding how much he appreciated Dybala's skills on the pitch.

"He still has lots to give because he has an extraordinary technical ability, he is a wonderful player," the coach added.

According to Allegri, Dybala's exit from the club will not leave them without the presence of a leader, which he has already identified within the squad.

"Manuel (Locatelli) was a great signing. He could even be our captain because of his skills and due to his set of values. He could be a Juve player for many, many years. The same goes for De Ligt, who has been a pleasant surprise this year. Danilo is also a player that should never be ignored when he speaks, because he will always put the team in first place. A true leader is silent, he must choose his words and will always think about what is better for the team. Once you show that, the team will recognize you as a leader," Allegri added.

Before the interview concluded, Allegri referred to Milan, Inter, and Napoli, three teams that do not seem to keep Allegri awake at night, since they did not impress him that much despite beating the bianconeri in the title race.

"Milan, Inter, and Napoli ended the season above us, but that does not mean that they were better. If we were unable to win any of those ties, it means that we lacked character, or maybe it had to do with a judgement call by the coach,"Allegri concluded.

Juventus are set to play in the UEFA Champions League next season after finishing fourth in the Italian top-flight, while Dybala's future has been linked to Inter Milan and to Premier League clubs.