Striker Artem Dzyuba did not hold back after a number of Ukrainian footballers slammed him for not taking a stand against the conflict between both Soviet nations.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has seen many public figures making a statement about what is going on between these two countries, and while most of the voices have been quite forward about their feelings, there were some prominent figures like Artem Dzyuba, Russian National Team captain, who had remained quiet about the conflict. Well, that ended abruptly today with the striker's reply to a couple of footballers currently making their trade in the Premier League.

In a passionate Instagram post, Dzyuba did not hold back when he replied to Andriy Yarmolenko and Vitaly Mykolenko, two players from Premier League clubs, who criticized him for not taking a stand about the armed conflict. Mykolenko's words were quite aggresive against Dzyuba, calling him a "bit*h" at one point of his message and wishing him "to live the rest of his life inside of a cavern along with his kids". Dzyuba did not hold back with his reply and quite frankly hit the nail on its head.

Dzyuba's eight paragraph reply began by revealing why he had chosen to stay mute about this matter.

"Until recently, I did not want to speak on the topic of events in Ukraine. I didn't want to, not because I'm afraid, but because I'm not an expert in politics, I never got into it and didn't intend to (unlike a large number of political scientists and virologists who have recently appeared on the Internet). But like everyone else, I have my own opinion. Since I am being drawn to this topic from all sides, I will express it," Dzyuba wrote on Instagram.

"War is scary. But I am shocked by human aggression and hatred, which every day acquires some transcendent proportions. I am against discrimination based on nationality. I'm not ashamed that I'm Russian. I am proud to be Russian. And I don't understand why athletes should suffer now," the player continued.

"I am against double standards. Why one can do everything, but all the dogs are hanged on us. Why is everyone always shouting about sports outside of politics, but at the first opportunity, when it comes to Russia, this principle is completely forgotten?" Dzyuba asked.

"Again, war is scary. In stressful situations, people show their essence, sometimes negative. How much anger, dirt and bile has now poured out on all Russian people, regardless of their position and profession. Those thousands of people who write insults and threats - get in line!" the player's post stated.

"It is doubly strange to hear all this from people to whom Russia has given very, very much in their lives. All this only creates more negativity. The war will end, but human relations will remain. And it will be impossible to rewind. Remember this," Dzyuba added.

"P.S. And to some colleagues who sit their but*s and priest in mansions in England and say nasty things: this cannot offend us, we understand everything! Peace and goodness to all!" the striker concluded.