The third edition of the tournament will see one of four lucky sides claiming the title this week. Follow all matches with this broadcast info.

The time has come for the third edition of the Concacaf Nations League to end, and there will be four matches to sort our who the winners will be and a couple more that are related to the tournament but will end up giving access to a more traditional competition.

Things will get going between the four remaining teams in the tournament on Thursday, with current title holders facing Jamaica in their semi-final tie. The Jamaicans and the USMNT have met each other in several crucial ties, and Thursday's fixture should add to their intense encounters.

Next up, Panama and Mexico will see their bitter rivalry adding another chapter to their records in what should be an interesting clash between the only team that won both their previous matches and one who struggled to reach this stage of the tournament by watching their tie against Honduras being decided via penalties.

Once both winners are known, the final games of this Concacaf Nations League edition will be played on Sunday. Both of them will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington and where the USMNT will be trying to win their third title in a row. Mexico, Panama, and Jamaica are waiting to get their tally up in terms of titles.

Luckily for fans, these will not be the only Concacaf Nations League games being played, as there will be two more fixtures to keep an eye on. The games featuring Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, and Honduras will serve two purposes: to determine the final ranking in the Concacaf Nations League and to complete the pool of Concacaf teams involved in this year's Copa América. Both games will be played in Frisco, Texas.

Without further ado, here is the list of games you need to keep an eye on if you want to watch the end of the 2023-24 Concacaf Nations League.