The now retired footballer did not hesitate to answer a question regarding his compatriot's move to the place where Bale became a superstar.

Gareth Bale's final stint with Tottenham may not have ended as most fans wanted, but he has shown one more time that he holds no grudges against the Premier League side.

Being known as one of the team's icons in the early 2010s, Bale spoke about how one of his fellow countrymen, Brennan Johnson, has recently been hired by the Lilywhites to replace Harry Kane. The former winger did not hold back when speaking about the Welsh striker, urging him to keep in good shape so he can stay with the North Londoners for as much time as he can.

"He's doing well. I think the more that he plays in the top flight now, the better that he'll get. Like you said, the skies are the limit. As long as he's playing football, improving and doing well, it's good for Tottenham and good for Wales,"  Bale stated in an interview while at the BMW PGA Championship.

Then, when asked if he was glad to see his compatriot taking over as a Welsh ambassador with Spurs, the 34-year-old approved the move...while also aiming a slight jibe at the team's bitter rivals, Arsenal.

"Yes, for sure (about being glad). It's better than seeing him join Arsenal," Bale added.

Johnson is set to make his debut with Tottenham once the international break comes to a close. Will he have a similar impact to Bale's with the North London club? Only time will tell.