Earlier today, reports hinted that the French would be banned after testing positive for testosterone.

What started out as an unconfirmed rumor has now been revealed to be true by Italian authorities: Paul Pogba has been suspended until an alleged doping case is confirmed or ruled out.

The footballer, who has struggled to shine with Juventus since he returned to the team in 2022, is now facing a major hurdle in his career after the Italian Antidoping Agency has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation against the player due to a positive analysis following Juventus' 3-0 win over Udineses, in which Pogba had no role whatsoever.

In a brief press release, the Agency has revealed the current punishment against the player and what could be the next steps in the process.

"The National Antidoping Court has determined to provisionally suspend Paul Labile Pogba for violating articles 2.1 and 2.2; The decision has been made after the National Antidoping Court received a document on this matter from the National Antidoping Prosecutors," the press release states.

The press release went on to reveal the substance that caused the positive result.

"The substance found are testosterone metabolites of non-endogenous origin following the test performed on August 20, 2023," the document adds.

Pogba and his defense will have three days to ask for the results of the secondary test to be revealed.

Soon after this information was revealed, Juventus issued a statement confirming the results of the initial test and their position on Pogba's current situation.

"Juventus Football Club announces that today, September 11, 2023, the footballer Paul Labile Pogba received a precautionary suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Tribunal following the results of tests carried out on August 20, 2023. The club reserves the right to consider the next procedural steps," the brief statement adds.

If the accusation against Pogba is upheld after the second test is carried out, the footballer could be facing a four-year ban, which could effectively end his playing career. As of now, Pogba is yet to make a public statement on this issue.

Following a spell at Manchester United, Pogba returned to Juventus in 2022, failing to earn a regular spot in the team's lineup due to his frequent injuries. The former French international has only been able to play thirteen games for the bianconeri since his return, earning a bit over 150 minutes in those fixtures.