The French midfielder has failed to find his feet in his new stint with Juventus, being able to play only 52 minutes with the bianconeri this season.

Life for Paul Pogba at Juventus has been far from ideal, and this recent issue is threatening to end his playing career.

The French footballer, who has played a secondary role for the bianconeri, is reportedly involved in a doping scandal. According to reports by all major Italian media outlets, Pogba allegedly tested positive for testosterone in the team's first match of the season, where he did not play any minutes.

Since the player was not involved in the game, this would have no consequences for Juventus. Nevertheless, the player could be facing a sanction of up to four years if the second test reveals a similar result. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, this substance is not listed as one that could come as a result of a medical treatment, meaning that the ban could be harsh against Pogba. 

The player's fall from grace since he left Manchester United continues, as he has only been able to play 12 games for the most-winning team in Serie A since his return last summer. Several injury problems, including a knee injury and thigh problems last year, limited his playing time to 161 minutes last season.

Pogba and Juventus are yet to make a statement at the time this article is being written, but there should be more details on this matter in coming days. Will this be the end of Pogba's playing career? We will have to wait and see if the initial scenario is confirmed.