Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta wants the Saudi Pro League transfer window to close at the same time as in Europe's top divisions.

A host of Premier League players have moved to Saudi clubs since the end of last season after investment in four of the country's top clubs allowed them to pay vastly increased transfer fees.

Stars have been drawn from across Europe's top league and  include Neymar and Karim Benzema.

While Arsenal, who host Fulham in the Premier League on Saturday, have not lost any of their squad to the Saudi spending spree, their visitors will be without Serbia forward Aleksandar Mitrovic, who moved to Al-Hilal last week.

The Premier League transfer window closes next Friday, but Saudi clubs will be able to sign and register new players until September 20.

That leaves open the possibility of Premier League clubs losing players to Saudi Arabia without being able to replace them.

Asked on Friday if the situation was fair, Arteta told reporters: "No, because it is a competitor now. No, I think we have to change that."

Pushed on whether the Saudi Pro League deadline should fall in line with Europe, Arteta said: "That is my opinion, yes.

"It is another competitor and it brings other opportunities for players, for managers and for people that work in the industry to decide.

"In the end, we are free to decide when clubs, players or whoever has to agree to something, you have to have the intention to go and find agreements, that is why there are contracts.

Arteta believes losing a player after the window closed would be destabilising, but he knows the Arsenal hierarchy might take a decision to cash in on a big-money bid.

"Yes, very much (it would be a problem). But I cannot make the decision for the club. It is a lot of people involved in that process and they would have for sure a say, the ownership, would do the same," he said.

"It would be on the table like with any offer and you have to look at it. The only thing I'm saying is it's not ideal because they are a competitor."

Arsenal, winners of their first two league games, could welcome Gabriel Jesus back from knee surgery to play a part on Saturday.

"It was a big blow for him after the pre-season he had to have another surgery. He's looking really sharp. He trained the full week good. He's ready to go, that is great," he said.