The decision to keep the Blaugrana side away from continental tournaments will be taken by UEFA before June 12.

Barcelona's unfinished business in European competitions could take a bit longer to be sorted out, as recent information from sources close to UEFA has revealed that the Blaugrana side could be left out of the upcoming Champions League regardless of what happened in La Liga this season.

According to a recent report by Spanish newspaper ABC, UEFA's investigation about the alleged pressure by Barcelona on Spanish referees via payments made to José Enríquez Negreira has not gone as the club wanted. The report in the Spanish media outlet states that both officers looking into the case have agreed that Barcelona should be banned from playing European competitions for one year.

The report states that both officers "understand that the Blaugrana team violated the legal boundaries of football's governing body, which has forced them to propose this sanction. Barcelona, who do not have a copy of this decision at this point, have refuted such a ban.

While this is an initial proposal, things are not looking good for Els Culers, mainly because the club would not get a chance to appeal if UEFA decide to rule against them.

The report adds that UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin will have the final decision on this matter, although he might want to wait a bit for the Spanish committee that is investigating this issue to come up with a resolution. Apparently, if UEFA make a decision and Barcelona is found not guilty of these charges, failure to giving them the right to play in all European tournaments could result in a lawsuit against UEFA.

Barcelona have already been given their spot in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League after winning La Liga, but UEFA can strip them from that spot with this report. Ultimately, UEFA will have to make a decision before June 12, which is the deadline for football's governing body in Europe to reveal the clubs that will play in the continental tournament.