The recently retired Carlos Tévez did not hold back when asked about Messi's issues with his current club, which may end with his departure from Ligue 1.

The recent falling out between PSG and Lionel Messi has sparked all sorts of comments, including some from people who did not have the best relationship with the footballer.

Such is the case of Carlos Tévez, who had his ups and downs with "La Pulga" before he retired from professional football, but stepped up recently to defend his legacy while criticizing how PSG have handled the controversy surrounding his countryman.

In an interview with TyC Sports, the former West Ham and Manchester City player shared how PSG's actions speak poorly of their forms, because according to his view, the club is not allowed to snub a player like Messi's when they have not enjoyed as much success as his compatriot.

"Whether it was because he beat France in the World Cup or something else, PSG can't treat a player as Messi like that. I played against PSG when I was at Manchester United and they were just a mid-table team. It speaks volumes about a club who did not treat him properly since his arrival, they did not take care of him from day one, everyone knows that," Tévez stated.

The Boca Juniors legend went on and praised Messi's decision to apologize to the club, while also admitting he wouldn't have been as professional as "La Pulga" in such circumstances.

"If someone told me that, even as a World Cup winner, I had to apologize for making a trip when I was on my day off, then I'd go back to Rosario and stay there getting drunk. That would be a proper scenario for an apology, but Messi decided to respect the club above all. My hat goes off to him for that," Tévez added.

Some might say that Tévez's words of support for Messi can be quite surprising, as the duo did not have the best relationship when they played for Argentina. In fact, reports from a few years ago hinted that Messi had influenced other coaches to keep Tévez away from the National Team, but Tévez's recent statements may show that they decided to bury the hatchet and carried on with a respectful relationship between them.