Reports coming in from Germany state that the former goalkeeper could be facing major pressure to leave his post if the team cannot win the Bundesliga.

It is safe to say that Bayern's season has been a massive disappointment, and with the team on the brink of finishing the season without any trophies, some of their former legends have started to blame those they believe to be responsible for the team's mishaps.

Such is the case of former midfielder Lothar Matthäus, who did not hold back when speaking about who should take the blame for this disappointing campaign. In an interview with Sport Bild, the World Cup winner with Germany slammed Oliver Kahn as the main culprit for the tumultuous season the Bavarian side has endured.

According to the legendary player, Kahn is no longer a reliable figure within the team, as his lack of touch with people on and off the pitch may hava caused the team to fall apart.

"You can expect quite a few things to happen, it is a scenario no one could have seen coming three or four months ago. It's clear to me that Oliver Kahn has lost control of the situation. I would also have expected more leadership from (team president) Herbert Hainer," Matthäus stated.

Matthäus kept on going about the reasons why Kahn is not the right man for the job, citing that most of those who work for Die Roten have never even met the former goalkeeper.

"He is practically unknown at Bayern's offices. He has other interests, he prefers to spend time with his family or to play golf. He needs to embrace the fact that the team is in crisis, and this might be something new to him. Maybe he underestimated the effect of his decisions," Matthäus added.

Before the interview concluded, the former midfielder added how the team's shaky form has had a negative effect in the community, but all of it may be ignored or downplayed by an "absent" Kahn.

"People live and breathe for Bayern, and they are in pain for seeing their club like that. I see it on casual conversations in the streets, overhearing people at lunch. But Oliver is not there, so he may not even have a clue what are the motivations for the team's supporters," Matthäus concluded.

Bayern are still very much involved in the Bundesliga title race, but Die Roten must overcome the one-point lead Borussia Dortmund have over them to extend their dominance in the domestic competition. Nonetheless, the team's poor form lately raises serious doubts about their chances to win the crown, which could lead to some harsh decisions against some of the team's most prominent players.