The English defender and the Spanish goalkeeper were in the middle of the action thanks to an unfortunate handling of the ball inside Manchester United's box.

Manchester United had their tie against Sevilla under control ever since the first leg, but after the start of today's match, the club has given away three goals and perhaps the option to make it to the next round in the UEFA Europa League.

The start of the match between Los Hispalenses and Manchester United had both teams struggling to take the lead, until a questionable decision by David De Gea and a baffling pass by Harry Maguire saw Youssef En-Nesyri giving the Spanish side the lead.

Fans on social media had mixed reactions to this move, since some blamed De Gea for passing the ball to Maguire while he was surrounded by three of Sevilla's players, while most complained about Maguire's poor ball-handling skills that ended with Sevilla's goal.

Have a look at this move and decide on your own who's to blame (Image might be geo-restricted).