The Italian boss was fired by Tottenham execs one week after a passionate rant saw him complaining about his footballers in a press conference.

We can all agree that Son Heung-Min has been a classy footballer both on and off the pitch, and he did not hesitate to show just that when asked about Antonio Conte's departure from Tottenham Hotspur.

Speaking after his national team's defeat against Uruguay, the Korean ace did not hold back when speaking about Conte's exit, taking the blame for his former coach's fate.

"I'm very sorry to him. He is a world-class manager, we had a great journey together, I thank him a lot. I do not know how other players are thinking about him, but I'm sorry to him," the winger said in what became the first reaction from a Tottenham player.

The Korean player went on about  what he could have improved to help the Italian thrive, while also wishing him all the best in his new projects.

"I should have shown more, but I couldn't. I couldn't help the team and I feel responsible as he left the club. He surely has great ability and experience as a coach and I'm sure he'll have great success in his other career," Son Heung-Min added.

The interview concluded with the Korean footballer naming what the top priority should be for the final months of the 2022-23 campaign.

"Coming back to Spurs, I wish to finish the rest of the season in a great way with my team-mates, for our club," the player concluded.

Son Heung-Min has shown a major dip in form compared to last season, as he has only scored six times for Spurs, in what comes as an utter disappointment after being the Premier League's joint top-scorer.