The Rossoneri have confirmed that they are hoping to build a new venue...but without having to share it once again with their city rivals.

Last month, we reported that the proposed stadium project between AC Milan and Inter had hit a major snag, as tensions had started to arise between the two Milan-based clubs.

At the moment, Milan and Inter currently share the same venue, which is known as either the Stadio San Siro or the Stadium Giuseppe Meazza, depending on what team one supports. Unlike in other major leagues in Europe, such as the Premier League or the Bundesliga, many Italian teams don't actually own their own stadiums and rather have to pay rent to the corresponding city council.

It is something that arguably has long held Italian teams back, as a lack of stadium ownership means out on missed revenue streams that other teams in Europe can take advantage of. To that end, both Milan and Inter have sought to move to another ground that would be within their control, but the process has not been as smooth as many had thought, with the Rossoneri apparently seeking to build their own stadium - but without having to share it with the Nerazzurri.

Now, it's been revealed that Milan fully indeed to forge forward with building their own venue, with owner Gerry Cardinale meeting with Milan's mayor earlier this week. It's not clear as to what Inter will now do, as it appeared that the Nerazzurri were hoping to continue to share the same ground with their rivals, but clearly, the Rossoneri are looking to move away from that mold that has seen cross-town rivals share the same venue and thus ensure that all revenue streams go to them directly.