The English side has been forced to train at home, and plans to stay fit are being led by the Portuguese boss.

It is not easy to keep a full squad of players in shape, but there are some that like to take matters into their own hands and motivate everyone under their command.

Such is the case of Jose Mourinho, who wants to keep in the best shape possible and by doing that, he may be willing to motivate his players to do the same.

Earlier today, Tottenham's Twitter feed shared a video of their online training session, with Mourinho taking center-stage while rocking the workout bike. Players such as Dele Alli, Toby Alderweireld and more were spotted online following the instructions of Tottenham's physio and keeping up with the pace set by Hugo Lloris.

Have a look at Spurs' training session from earlier today and see how Mourinho led his team with the example: "If I can, then you can".