The Special One is currently out of a job, but some English pundits would love to see him back in action.

The 2019-20 season has not started just as Arsenal fans wanted, and there is one sports journalist that believes Jose Mourinho is the right man to change things at the Emirates.

The team's 2-2 draw against Watford, which saw the Gunners drop a two-goal lead while conceding over 30 chances on goal for the Hornets, prompted controversial TalkSport host Adrian Durham to propose what would be a shocking move: to have Mourinho replacing Unai Emery as the Gunners' boss.

Durham believes that Emery has not been as efficient as fans expected, and the team's recent performances resemble those of Arsene Wenger's last days at the helm.

"Time is running out for Unai Emery. He's coming up to the end of the two years and there is no difference to the darkest days under Arsene Wenger. They conceded more chances to Watford than they did in the 8-2 at Man United," Durham said.

Emery's side has earned eight points in the ongoing Premier League season, but the team is already undergoing a three-game streak without a win.

Durham went on to name his reasons to see Mourinho join the Gunners as soon as possible.

"You know who they need? Jose Mourinho. He'd be perfect for Arsenal, and he's a free agent! They need somebody who will gon in there and shake the club up. Mourinho is exactly what they need! He would 100% take that job, this is the job he's been looking for," Durham added.

Even if the Portuguese tactician is available, Durham knows Arsenal fans would be enraged if the Special One ended up landing the gig.

"Their fans would hate me saying it, but can you see it getting better under Unai Wenger? I can't," Durham concluded.

Mourinho has been out of a job since he was sacked by Manchester United in 2018, and while he has spoken about his desire to coach again, he might have second thoughts due to his poor relationship with Arsenal fans and for being used as a replacement, rather than giving him the chance to put up a squad that suits his playing style. Either way, the thought of having Mourinho back in the Premier League is tempting, to say the least.