The world could have to watch Italy and Portugal going toe-to-toe for one of the spots in the World Cup after being paired up in the same path.

The road to play in the FIFA World Cup for the twelve remaining teams in the competition has been sorted out, and the outcome of the draw has left Italian and Portuguese fans baffled, to say the least.

Earlier today, UEFA held the draw to determine the three paths to reach a spot in the quadrennial tournament next year, and while teams such as Wales or even Sweden seem to have a legitimate shot at winning the ticket to play in the World Cup, others such as Portugal and Italy will have to work harder for it, as the two most recent UEFA Euro winners have been drawn in Path C along with Turkey and North Macedonia.

The selection process to be part of this draw saw the ten runners-up from all groups being drawn along with the two best ranked teams from the UEFA Nations League that had not been able to nab a spot in the FIFA World Cup. The two-legged format used previously has been thrown out of the window, as the winner of each tie will be determined in just one game.

Without further ado, here are all three paths as drawn by UEFA.

Once the draw was revealed, FIFA added where and how the home team for the deciding matches will be determined via Twitter. Have a look by scrolling down.

The games are set to take place during the international break scheduled for March. Kickoff times will be released by UEFA on a later date.