The Catalan boss did not hold back when discussing how Los Blancos have allegedly tarnished the league's reputation.

Last week's announcement by Xavi Hernández rattled Barcelona to its core, and now, the coach's recent words about La Liga and against Real Madrid promise to do the same.

Speaking in the pre-match press conference for his side's game against Alavés, Hernández did not hold back when sharing his assessment on how things have unfolded in La Liga, stating that Real Madrid have enjoyed "protection" of some sort from La Liga's refs, making them the only true title contenders.

"Yes, I have said before that I didn't like how they got in the refs' minds every week. All refs get to the rest of the games with clear thoughts against us, and the Negreira case has not done us any favors. But that's what we have to deal with. I share the president's words 100%, all of that is true and we can't lie to all Blaugrana fans," Xavi said.

The coach went on about how other coaches have agreed with his views, and urged media outlets to come out and speak their minds to avoid such problems.

"I am not the La Liga's president or who calls the shots in the Spanish Football Federation. I believe it's awful we have allowed things to go this far. It has tampered the competition completely, even a blind man can see it. Diego Simeone also said it: we are not dumb. We see it and the entire world sees it, but it doesnt' matter if you guys in the media don't speak out," the coach added-

The tactician also went further into the reasons he had to resign last week, hinting that not even his successor may be able to deal with everything that surrounds Barcelona.

"The process to become Barcelona's coach is not worth it. That is my perception. You keep fighting over and over again for different things, and doing it day in and day out gets to you. That's why I asked everyone to think about how we do things here. Because I know everyone enjoys themselves in other clubs, Jagoba Arrasate (Osasuna's coach) told me he enjoys his job from Monday to Friday, and I don't. Surely in England or Germany you can enjoy being a coach, but here in Spain, it's simply not worth it," Hernández concluded.

The coach admitted that the club will continue to work with La Liga on their mind, but he refused to venture a guess about their options to win it. If things continue as they are, Xavi will leave the club on June 30, but how he leaves the Blaugrana will be up to him.