The tournament will return to the United States after an eight-year absence. The USMNT, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina were the top seeded teams.

We are six months away from the start of the 2024 Copa América, and now all the teams involved will have a chance to prepare properly for that tournament, as they are now aware of the teams they will be facing next summer.

In a highly-anticipated draw that took place in Miami, the city where the title match will be held, teams from all over America learned the names of their rivals for the oldest national team tournament in the world. This time, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and Brazil already knew the group where they would be drawn. Even so, all teams were watching how legends of the game determined their fate.

Group A will see Argentina facing a couple of familiar foes from South America, while the final member of this group will be determined in the Concacaf playoffs set to take place in March 2024 between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Meanwhile, Group B has been completed right from the start, with Mexico facing two more teams from Conmebol and Jamaica, in what caused a bit of confusion during the proper draw.

Group C has also been fully drawn. This is where the USMNT will play against Uruguay, the toughest team in the draw and who are currently going toe-to-toe with Argentina in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Last, but not least, Group D will be one to catch the eyes of most fans, as Brazil have been paired up against Colombia and Paraguay. Their other rival will come from the play-in tie between Costa Rica and Honduras.

Without further ado, here are the full groups for the 2024 Copa América, set to kick off on June 20.