The Argentine ace is currently off to International duty despite picking up an injury that left him out of many games with Inter Miami.

They tried during the summer, and they are going to try one more time during the autumn.

The Saudi Pro League will reportedly not hesitate in trying to lure Lionel Messi to one of their teams, even if they are aware it can only be for a short stint.

Recent reports coming in from Europe state that the Pro League, which became a household name this summer for hiring quite a few talented players from European clubs, will attempt to lure Messi one more time to the Middle Eastern league, taking under consideration the long pause between the abrupt end of Inter Miami's season and the start of the 2024 campaign.

The deal, which is still in its initial stages, would only see Messi joining a SPL club on loan, as per the rules of Major League Soccer come regarding Designated Players. Once the league resumes in late February, Messi would have to go back to North America.

Sources close to the league state that, even if Messi snubbed their offer to join a Saudi Arabian club last summer, the Private Investment Fund operating the Pro League still sees the South American ace as a valuable asset, and his potential arrival could keep the league's momentum going for a few more months.

Added to that, the interest of watching a new chapter of the Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi rivalry is too good to turn down for Saudi Arabian execs, which could be enough to see them pursue the footballer's momentary move.

Coach Gerardo Martino ruled out Messi's return to Barcelona right after the end of Inter Miami's playoff pursuit, and while fans seem to have their hearts settled on that possibility, Messi could be tempted to keep in action by the Middle Eastern league. Will we get to see one last dance between Messi and CR7? Let us wait and see.