The French striker did not hold back when discussing the impact of the Saudi Arabian League in world football and how some of the best players chose to go there.

The recently concluded transfer window saw Saudi Arabian football "stealing" away some of Europe's most talented players, and while it could be tempting for veteran players to go there and collect one last big paycheck, there are some who would think about it twice, just like Antoine Griezmann.

The Atlético Madrid icon shared his views on Saudi Pro League and his colleagues who decided to join the Asian competition. While there has been some criticism because most experts consider the tournament to be a lower-tier category, Griezmann urged people to understand the reasons some players had to make a move to Saudi Arabia.

"I understand those who chose to play there. We're talking about big amounts of money and incredible deals. Even though we're making good money now, some are trying to protect their children and their grandsons, which is quite normal to me. It will be their duty to show their best version and prove their worth," Griezmann stated in a press conference.

When asked about the possibility of joining the Pro League in the near future, Griezmann admitted that family issues would see him choosing another competition.

"If I would go there? I have a family, three kids. It is not an easy decision to make. But as you may be aware, playing in the MLS is still a personal goal of mine," Griezmann added.

The French star has been rumored to be joining Inter Miami once his deal with Atlético expires next summer. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if the Herons keep that idea or they pursue a move for Luis Suárez, who has also been linked to the team led by Lionel Messi.