Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid execs discussed what could be some key moves in the final day of activity in the summer transfer window.

The 2023-24 UEFA Champions League draw not only gave fans the chance to feast on what will go down in the continental competition, as there were some execs who decided to discuss their plans prior to the end of this transfer window.

There has been talk surrounding the top teams in La Liga, especially with the fates of players such as Ansu Fati and Kylian Mbappé still linked to Spanish sides. Now, fans will get more clarity on what will go down in coming hours, especially with these players having their future up in the air.

The first team to step up and share what could come for them on deadline day was Barcelona, who had Juan Soler sharing their plans on two specific players: Joao Felix and Ansu Fati. According to the Catalan exec, the club is still pondering offers that would see both players changing teams, leaving the door open for surprises.

"Ansu Fati? Our people in Barcelona are still working on it. There is one day left in the window and there will be lots to do. The next few hours will be intense to see if we can create a competitive team. Joao Felix? We just came here to talk about the Champions League," Soler stated.

Next up, Real Madrid legend and honorary president Emilio Butragueño did not hold back when discussing what will go down with Los Blancos in the final day of the transfer window. Unfortunately for their fans, the Spanish exec did not have good news for their fans, especially in terms of Kylian Mbappé's potential arrival.

"The transfer window? We are satisfied with what we have. Our squad will not suffer any changes," Butragueño said.

Last, but not least, Atlético Madrid's president Enrique Cerezo dropped a hint on what could go down with Joao Felix, leaving everything up in the air in terms of which team could end up hiring the Portuguese player.

"Joao Felix? He is still our player. We are still working things out on that matter. He has said he would love to join Barcelona, and we have to wait if they make up their minds or not. We are used to receiving offets for all of our best players, but in this case we will have to wait," the Spanish exec said.

Will there be any surprises involving these teams on Deadline day? We will have to wait and see.