The Uruguayan was expected to join Inter Miami this summer, but the footballer was not able to agree an exit fee to make that happen.

The friendship between Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez is known all across the globe, and some believed that it would not take too much to see them joining forces at Inter Miami as soon as possible.

With Gremio being ruthless in their efforts to keep the Uruguayan around, the former Barcelona striker has finally admitted he will not join the North American club this summer, leaving the option open to make the trip to the MLS in the first days of the next year.

"I am not going to be able to play as the club want me to. I have a chronic injury in my knee and Brazilian football is pretty intense. I don't know if I will call it quits or if I will join another team, the only sure thing is that I will turn it down a notch," Suárez stated.

While Gremio fans accepted Suárez's decision, others believe the player is only making this up so he can join Inter Miami on a free deal next winter. Some went as far as to criticize his words for being a bit hypocritical, since he has never hidden his desire to join Messi again.

Here are some of the comments sparked by Suárez's statement.

"I had a lot ofrespect for him because he went to Brazil and he had some great games, it's a pity he wants to leave a top competition to go and prepare tea for Messi"

"Messi waiting for him in Miami"

"If I was a Gremio fan I'd certainly insult him on the pitch, this is just an excuse to join Inter Miami"

Only time will tell if Suárez was honest in his intention to call it quits, but as things stand, his words did not go down well among fans.