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World Cup: Best XI of eliminated players

The Best XI of players who won’t feature in the 2018 World Cup

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Octubre 11, 2017 Por Ali M.
With the likes of Chile, Wales, Netherlands, and USA failing to qualify; several aces will be forced to miss the tournament in Russia.

 The World Cup qualifiers are almost over. Only a few games – the playoffs and a few qualifiers in Africa – remain before the final 32 teams for the tournament in Russia is finalized.

However, next year’s competition will see a number of big-name players missing out. With the likes of Chile, Wales, Netherlands, and USA failing to qualify; many aces will have to watch the World Cup from their TV.

Here, we compile a starting eleven with the best players not to qualify.



GK: Jan Oblak

Slovakia sadly missed out on a playoff spot after finishing as the worst second-placed team in the UEFA qualifiers.

LB: David Alaba

The Bayern Munich ace cannot achieve the same success he enjoys in Bundesliga when with the national side. And sadly, he may never.

RB: Antonio Valencia

Not a full-back by nature, the Ecuadorian has excelled in that role this season. Unfortunately, competition in CONMEBOL was too tough for his nation to qualify.

Antonio Valencia, Ecuador, Chile, World Cup Qualifying

CB: Virgil Van Dijik 

After failing to force a Southampton exit, the center-back has suffered another blow: failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

CB: Stefan Savic

Atletico Madrid’s Montenegrin center-back missed out on a playoff berth, finishing third in Group E.

CM: Arturo Vidal

A 3-0 loss at Brazil saw the Copa America champions suffer heartbreak on the final day.

CM: Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Armenia finished fifth in Group E. Their chances were slim, at the very best, from the beginning.

AM: Alexis Sanchez

The tireless Arsenal attacker sadly will be unable to entertain fans in Russia. Sanchez can now focus on his true dream: leaving the Emirates Stadium. 

Alexis Sanchez, Neymar, Brazil, Chile, World Cup Qualifying

LW: Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid ace was injured and thus had to watch his national side bottle it in the final game to lose a playoff spot to Ireland.

RW: Arjen Robben

The deadly winger retired from international football after his nation finished third in their group. It’s a sad end for a player who came achingly close to the title in 2010 and ripped Spain apart in 2014.

Arjen Robben, Netherlands, Sweden, World Cup Qualifying

CF: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Gabon, in Group C, are four points behind leaders Morocco. That means the BVB ace can enjoy the tournament from his flat screen.


  • Claudio Bravo
  • Ben Davies
  • Naby Keita
  • Arjen Robben
  • Christian Pulisic 
  • Edin Dzeko
  • Aaron Ramsey



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