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The Olde Ship (Santa Ana, CA)

1120 W 17th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
Phone: 7145506700

Map: click here for map

The story of the sailing ship is the story of man's conquest of the elements; the oceans, winds and treacherous currents of the seven seas. It tells of the courage and tenacity of the men who sailed them to chart and map the world and spans every age of discovery and exploration. On return to a safe harbor, they headed for their beloved pubs and taverns. Where good fellowship, jokes, and gossip were exchanged with unrestrained vigor, letting off steam. So that on return to the fold, they met the problems of home, wives, and children with relaxed humor.

What is a British pub? A pub is state of mind, and that alone sets it apart from any other
eating and drinking establishment. It is a place where relaxation, stimulation and conversation are the order of the day. In their "local", as the British refer to them, a sense of being "at home" is very much in evidence and it is the publican's job to ensure the maintenance of that atmosphere.

Nikolas Pevsner said, "The function of the pub is company, human nearness, ...snugness not smugness.

"Informality is rampant and many a stout Brit has fallen to the lure of his local, most notably when walking his dog. The urge to "dive in for a quick pint" has challenged and defeated the hardiest of souls. Giving in to that urge will be rewarded with our selection of 20 British draught beers. Of course if you are inclined toward the spirits, our pub is fully stocked with your favorite libation.

Welcome to our pub and restaurant. You'll be a stranger here but once

Served 9am to 12noon
Regular menu served at 11am

Traditional British Breakfast - Fried bread, Irish bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans (Black Pudding extra)

Bacon & Egg Sarny - Slices of real Irish bacon and a fried egg on a roll

Sausage & Egg Sarny - English Pork sausage and a fried egg on a roll

Breakfast Club - Toasted bread, triple layered with bacon, ham, egg, cheese and tomato

Crow's Nest - Two slices of toast smothered in baked beans and served with two eggs

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