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FIFA could ban Spain from playing in the 2018 WC

FIFA threatens to leave Spain OUT of the 2018 World Cup

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Aralık 15, 2017 Tarafından Oscar Rojas
The Spanish Football Federation will have to clarify if the country's government has been involved in some of their recent decisions.

One of the frontrunners to win the 2018 World Cup may be in jeopardy of not playing in the competition, as FIFA execs have activated an investigation to determine the involvement of the Spanish government in the local federation's decisions, according to Marca.

Angel María Villar, the former president of the Spanish FA, filed a complaint after being forced to step down as the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF in Spanish) a few months back. Villar believes that Mariano Rajoy's government pressured some of the federation's execs to cast him away. FIFA listened to these claims and immediately started an investigation on the matter.

This is not the first time in which the Spanish Federation has been under investigation by FIFA. In fact, their 2010 winning campaign in South Africa was threatened by Sepp Blatter, as similar accusations were brought up against football's governing body in Spain before the World Cup won by La Roja.

The Higher Council of Sports in Spain has been pointed out by FIFA as the government branch responsible for tampering the presidential election process in the RFEF. While experts on the matter feel that there's a slim chance of watching La Roja being dropped from next year's World Cup, the fact that there will be a new election taking place in the Spanish Federation has raised some eyebrows.



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