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FIFA release new world ranking

New FIFA ranking: Here's how it will affect the European World Cup playoffs

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Octubre 16, 2017 Por Ali M.
Football's world governing body have released their latest ranking a day before the draw for UEFA's World Cup playoffs.

On Monday, FIFA released their new world ranking. The latest standings come shortly after the end of the recent World Cup qualifiers – the inter-confederations playoffs, UEFA playoffs, and the final CAF round remains.

The top six remains unchanged. Defending World Cup champions Germany keep their number one spot, with Brazil in second. Portugal and Argentina – who had to wait until their final qualifiers to earn automatic qualification – sit in third and fourth, respectively. Belgium and Poland follow in fifth and sixth.

France moved up a spot into seventh; Chile remained in ninth despite failing to qualify; and Spain re-entered the top 10, coming in at eighth. Furthermore, Peru entered the top 10 for the first time in their history after earning CONMEBOL’s playoff spot.

Where do USMNT rank?

USA shocked the entire world by failing to qualify for the World Cup due to an unexpected defeat to Trinidad and Tobago on the final day. Despite this, The Stars and Stripes have moved a spot up from their September 14 ranking (from 28 to 27).

The top five teams of each confederation


  1. Mexico (16)
  2. Costa Rica (22)
  3. USA (27)
  4. Panama (49)
  5. Haiti (56)


  1. Brazil (2)
  2. Argentina (4)
  3. Chile (9)
  4. Peru (10)
  5. Colombia (13)


  1. Germany (1)
  2. Portugal (3) 
  3. Belgium (5)
  4. Poland (6)
  5. France (7)


  1. Tunisia (28)
  2. Egypt (30)
  3. Senegal (32)
  4. Congo DR (35)
  5. Nigeria (41)


  1. Iran (34)
  2. Australia (43)
  3. Japan (44)
  4. China (57)
  5. South Korea (62)


  1. New Zealand (122)
  2. Tahiti (148)
  3. New Caledonia (150)
  4. Solomon Islands (152)
  5. Papua New Guinea (159)

How does the new ranking affect UEFA’s World Cup playoffs?

In short, a lot. Eight teams have earned a playoff spot ahead of Tuesday’s draw. The top-four ranked teams will be placed in pot A, with the remaining landing in pot B. Teams from different pots will be randomly paired against each other.

Here are the eight playoff teams: Switzerland (11), Italy (15), Denmark (19), Croatia (18), Sweden (25), Northern Ireland (23), Greece (47), and Republic of Ireland (26).

As a result, here are what the two pots will look like ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup playoff draw:

Pot A

  1. Switzerland
  2. Italy
  3. Croatia
  4. Denmark

Pot B

  1. Northern Ireland
  2. Sweden
  3. Republic of Ireland
  4. Greece

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FIFA World Cup European Playoffs Draw

octubre 17, 2017 8:00

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