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Arsenal's debut delayed due to away fans - Video

Watch: Arsenal's UEL debut delayed due to excessive turnout of Koln fans

К сожалению, единственный доступный язык для этой страницы – English.

Сентябрь 14, 2017 подготовил(-а) Oscar Rojas
Scenes turned out to be ugly outside the Gunners' stadium, forcing the police to take action due to the massive amount of visiting fans.

What happened today at Emirates Stadium was both shocking and dangerous, as German fans flooded the venue in record numbers.

The problem with this kind of turnout was that counter measures weren't enough to keep massive protests outside the stadium at ease, which angered German fans trying to push their way in.

Videos from earlier today showed Koln fans taking the Emirates' stands all to themselves.

As police officers tried to keep things calm, a group of Koln's supporters started fighting inside the stadium.

Things got out of hand as fans tried to push their way inside the stadium. Enraged fans stormed the barriers and started a fight against those in charge of their security.

This protests caused the game to be delayed for an hour. No further information has been handed about a possible sanction against the Gunners.



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