The decision has been made to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

It's official: Serie A games will now be played without fans on the stands, as per a recommendation by Italian government authorities.

This decision was reached as a counter-measure to avoid more coronavirus cases in Italy. So far, over 2,700 people have contracted the disease, while there have been 107 confirmed deaths.

This decision will also see other sports being played without an audience, such as cycling activities in Italy. No sporting event will have a live audience in Italy until April 3, when the decision could be re-examined.

For the moment, Serie A execs have already taken steps to catch up with those games that have been suspended. The Italian top-flight will re-schedule the game between Milan and Genoa for Sunday's early kickoff, while the potential title clash between Juventus and Inter will be played on Sunday rather than having it played on Monday.

Further decisions will be made regarding the postponed Coppa Italia games from this week.