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Al Raed Club Squad


Mutlaq Al Hurayji

Saudi Arabia

25 years · 158.7 lb · 6 ft 1 in

Meshari Sunyur

Saudi Arabia

22 years · 138.9 lb · 5 ft 8 in

André Moreira


28 years · 187.4 lb · 6 ft 4 in

Ahmad Al Harbi

Saudi Arabia

29 years · 158.7 lb · 5 ft 11 in


Mohammed Al Dossary

Saudi Arabia

24 years · 130.1 lb · 5 ft 1 in

Abdullah Al Fahad

Saudi Arabia

29 years · 156.5 lb · 5 ft 6 in

Mubarak Al Rajeh

Saudi Arabia

20 years · ·

Hamad Al Jayzani

Saudi Arabia

31 years · 167.6 lb · 5 ft 9 in

O. Gonzalez


26 years · 185.2 lb · 6 ft 1 in

Abdullah Majrashi

Saudi Arabia

26 years · 156.5 lb · 5 ft 6 in

Abdullah Al Yousif

Saudi Arabia

26 years · 160.9 lb · 5 ft 10 in


Anas Al Zahrani

Saudi Arabia

20 years · · 5 ft 11 in

A. Sayoud


33 years · 156.5 lb · 5 ft 8 in

Nasser Al Hadhood

Saudi Arabia

21 years · 143.3 lb · 5 ft 6 in

Mansor Al Beshe

Saudi Arabia

23 years · 154.3 lb · 5 ft 3 in

Yahya Sunbul

Saudi Arabia

26 years · 145.5 lb · 5 ft 5 in

M. Loum
# 5 M. Loum


27 years · 176.4 lb · 6 ft 3 in

M. Normann


27 years · 165.3 lb · 5 ft 10 in

M. Fouzair


32 years · 149.9 lb · 5 ft 5 in

Naif Hazazi

Saudi Arabia

31 years · 149.9 lb · 5 ft 6 in


Feras Al Ghamdi

Saudi Arabia

24 years · · 5 ft 6 in

Raed Al Ghamdi

Saudi Arabia

29 years · 152.1 lb · 5 ft 10 in

K. El Berkaoui


29 years · 145.5 lb · 5 ft 4 in

Rakan Al Dosari

Saudi Arabia

22 years · 154.3 lb · 5 ft 7 in

Nawaf Sahli

Saudi Arabia

20 years · 132.3 lb · 5 ft 4 in

Júlio Tavares

Cape Verde Islands

35 years · 163.1 lb · 6 ft 1 in


Al Raed Club Player Statistics

Mutlaq Al Hurayji 00000000000
Meshari Sunyur 00000500000
André Moreira 2070232300000200
Ahmad Al Harbi 9011001900000
Mohammed Al Dossary 1778212107011500
Abdullah Al Fahad 912139421500100
Mubarak Al Rajeh 548107331100200
Hamad Al Jayzani 1352191545802800
O. Gonzalez 1858222206030410
Abdullah Majrashi 210101200000
Abdullah Al Yousif 22663321500000
Anas Al Zahrani 00000100000
A. Sayoud 15522018210263200
Nasser Al Hadhood 00000200000
Mansor Al Beshe 1570221752600410
Yahya Sunbul 7941710781010000
M. Loum 1719211922200300
M. Normann 1411171707100301
M. Fouzair 1742202008062500
Naif Hazazi 2281411312300200
Feras Al Ghamdi 11290902300100
Raed Al Ghamdi 10280801400200
K. El Berkaoui 16852319412492200
Rakan Al Dosari 620201200000
Nawaf Sahli 00000000000
Júlio Tavares 1309221485835100


Al Raed Club Transfers

Transfers Out
Transfers Out
Nasser Al Hadhood
01 July 2024
01 July 2024Hilal-

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Jun 29, 12:00pm Berlin
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1st Group E vs 3rd Group A/B/C/D
Jul 2, 3:00pm Leipzig
1st Group D vs 2nd Group F
Jul 5, 12:00pm Stuttgart
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Jul 5, 3:00pm Hamburg
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Group stage

Group A
Jun 20, 8:00pm Atlanta, GA
Argentina vs Canada
Jun 21, 8:00pm Arlington TX
Peru vs Chile
Jun 25, 6:00pm Kansas City, KS
Peru vs Canada
Jun 25, 9:00pm East Rutherford, NJ
Chile vs Argentina
Jun 29, 8:00pm Miami Gardens, FL
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Jun 30, 8:00pm Austin, TX
Jamaica vs Venezuela
Jun 30, 8:00pm Glendale, AZ
Mexico vs Ecuador
Group C
Jun 23, 6:00pm Arlington, TX
USA vs Bolivia
Jun 23, 9:00pm Miami Gardens, FL
Uruguay vs Panama
Jun 27, 6:00pm Atlanta, GA
Panama vs USA
Jun 27, 9:00pm
Uruguay vs Bolivia
Jul 1, 9:00pm Orlando, FL
Bolivia vs Panama
Jul 1, 9:00pm Kansas City, MO
USA vs Uruguay
Group D
Jun 24, 6:00pm Houston, TX
Colombia vs Paraguay
Jun 24, 9:00pm Inglewood, CA
Brazil vs Costa Rica
Jun 28, 6:00pm Glendale, AZ
Colombia vs Costa Rica
Jun 28, 9:00pm Las Vegas, NV
Paraguay vs Brazil
Jul 2, 9:00pm Santa Clara, CA
Brazil vs Colombia
Jul 2, 9:00pm Austin, TX
Costa Rica vs Paraguay
Knockout Stage

Jul 4, 9:00pm Houston, TX
1st Group A vs 2nd Group B
Jul 5, 9:00pm Arlington, TX
1st Group B vs 2nd Group A
Jul 6, 6:00pm Las Vegas, NV
1st Group C vs 2nd Group D
Jul 6, 9:00pm Glendale, AZ
1st Group D vs 2nd Group C
Jul 9, 8:00pm East Rutherford, NJ
Winner M25 vs Winner M26
Jul 10, 8:00pm Charlotte, NC
Winner M27 vs Winner M28
3rd place match
Jul 13, 8:00pm Charlotte, NC
Loser M29 vs Loser M30
Jul 14, 8:00pm Miami Gardens, FL
Winner M29 vs Winner M30