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CR7 leads R. Madrid's first-eve win at Dortmund

Real Madrid ends Borussia Dortmund curse thanks to CR7's brace

К сожалению, единственный доступный язык для этой страницы – English.

Сентябрь 26, 2017 подготовил(-а) Oscar Rojas
The Portuguese striker also celebrated his 400th game with Los Blancos, entering a very exclusive list of players.

One more day at the office for Cristiano Ronaldo, and one more demon to be exorcized by the Portuguese striker.

The current Ballon D'Or owner had one more stellar performance in UEFA Champions League games, extending his lead as the tournament's all-time top scorer. His goals today helped Los Blancos in their attempt to end their victory drought in this particular European venue.

When it comes to UCL games, there seems to be no one that can match Cristiano Ronaldo's skills in front of goal.

If there was ever doubt about his legacy with the Spanish capital giants, the 32-year old striker has these numbers to support his bid as one of the all-time greats.



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