The bianconeri's financial statements have raised quite a few eyebrows, and the main men making all the decisions have identified ways to cut expenses.

The past couple of seasons have not been easy for Juventus. Their failure to win any of the last two Serie A titles and their complicated financial situation have forced team execs to try and change the way things are going, even if they have to make some big sacrifices to preserve the team's business.

The team's high-profile moves have been banned for a while (namely, since Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival), and other than Paul Pogba, the club has been able to attract talented players but not as top-notch. Now, with the team's balances in a worrying situation made public, it is time for fans to start bidding farewell to some of their best players...even if they were recent arrivals to the squad.

According to a report by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the bianconeri have come to terms about the kind of squad they will have to come up with for next season, which will surely be deprived of some of their most talented footballers.

One of those players set to leave the club is none other than Angel Di María, who recently signed a deal with the most-winning team in Serie A history, but refused to pen an option to extend that deal with the club. The fact that his wages go all the way to eight million euros make those close to the team believe that the bianconeri will not miss the footballer, even if he pushed hard for a move to the Old Lady.

Another high-profile player set to part ways with the team is Juan Cuadrado, who will also leave the club on a free move next summer if he refuses to lower his wages. Additionally, players such as Alex Sandro and Adrien Rabiot are pushing to end their stints with the club on free transfers, which would damage the team's finances even further since they would not recover a single dime of the money they spent on their transfers.

The next few months of the season will be crucial for the bianconeri, as they need to enjoy success in almost every tournament to walk away from their financial woes. If that does not happen, then the team's supporters will have to witness an unprecedented player exodus, which could only be compared to the one that took place after the team's relegation to Serie B as a result of the Calciopoli investigations.