The former striker did not hold back when sharing his views on Haaland's performances since his arrival to the Premier League.

Everyone has been impressed by Erling Haaland's goalscoring antics in the Premier League, but all his success has also gathered some criticism.

The Norwegian ace saw a former Italian legend aiming quite a few digs at his style of play earlier today, as former Roma, Real Madrid, and Sampdoria striker Antonio Cassano did not hold back his criticism against the Citizens' ace.

Speaking on Christian Vieri's Twitch channel, Cassano revealed he was one of those who have not been impressed by Haaland's performances with Guardiola's team, and even went on to compare Haaland's antics with those of some of his former and current colleagues.

"Haaland is not special, I see Adriano of Inter in Haaland, he has a bit of Christian Vieri's progression," Cassano stated.

The former striker went on to admit that Haaland will surely become a record-breaker in the Premier League, but in his opinion, there are other players who would deserve a shot at stardom despite of Haaland's numbers.

"Haaland will score 90 goals, he is very strong, he is a much stronger Lukaku-type of player, but Alvarez is more of a player than Haaland, qualitatively he is stronger," the Italian ace added.

Haaland has managed to score ten goals in his first six games for Manchester City across all competitions, while his team-mate has only been able to score twice in four matches with the Sky Blues.

Quite frankly, we simply cannot understand Cassano's motivation behind these words, but even if his predictions turn out to be true, it is time for Manchester City fans to enjoy the Norwegian's prowess in front of goal.