Both coaches showed their intensity in a number of run-ins during the match between the Blues and Spurs, which ended in a draw.

One of the highlights of the clash between Chelsea and Tottenham did not take place on the pitch, and it had both coaches as the main characters of a heated exchange.

It all began with Tottenham's equalizer, scored by Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. Chelsea's coach was enraged after an alleged foul on Kai Havertz that led to Spurs' equalizer, and he decided to take his complaints to the fourth referee. There, he ran into Antonio Conte, who was celebrating the goal. Conte did not hold back and kept celebrating in Tuchel's face, which prompted a shove by the German coach.

Both bosses had to be separated by their staff to prevent the issue to escalate. Have a look at their first run-in of the evening (Image might be geo-restricted).

After escaping the incident with a yellow card, Chelsea claimed the lead back with a precise finish by Reece James. In what can only be labeled as "payback time", Tuchel was spotted running down the sideline to celebrate Chelsea's second goal...and to do so, he had to run by Conte's bench. The Italian manager did not react to this taunt. Tuchel's run "a-la-Mourinho" was also one of the moments of the eveninig. Have a look at it here (Image might be geo-restricted).

The game concluded with a two-all draw after Harry Kane found the back of the net in stoppage time. But just when it seemed that things would remain calm, the usual handshake between both managers gave an excuse to Conte and Tuchel to re-ignite their feud. Conte walked away from the handhsake without looking at Thomas Tuchel, which sparked the German boss' rage and caused him not to let go of his colleague's hand. Once again, staff members for both teams had to separate them to prevent an even more heated exchange, but this time, referee Anthony Taylor sent them off.

This rift will surely cause both managers to be fined and suspended, although the length of their suspensions is yet to be revealed.