Despite the abrupt end of his contract, the Brazilian ace refused to pin the blame on some of the team's top figures currently working at the club.

Dani Alves' exit from Barcelona was not as unexpected as some may think, but according to Dani Alves, the team could have been classier when they told him his services were no longer required by them.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, Alves revealed that Barcelona could have done a better job in letting him know he would not be part of the team for the upcoming season, mainly because his contributions to the team were key in an era where Los Culés won everything they could.

"I was not sad to leave them, I left them happy after returning to the club. I dreamed for five years to go back there. The only thing I did not like was the way things went when they told me they did not want me to return,"Alves said.

The Brazilian ace went deeper into what went down during his final days with Los Culés, although he refused to blame Xavi Hernández or president Joan Laporta for his unceremonious exit from the Blaugrana side.

"This club has sinned in recent years because they don't care about those who made history with them. As a fan, I'd love to see Barcelona doing things differently. I am not speaking out just because of what happened to me because my situation was different. Even so, I will be forever grateful with Xavi and with the president for letting me return," Alves added.

Alves, on the verge of joining Liga MX club

The Brazilian footballer is set to determine where he will play for the next year since his mind is set on being chosen by Tite to play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With that in mind, Alves has been linked with Spanish clubs such as Valladolid and Brazilian clubs such as Atlético Paranaense, but it seems that Pumas UNAM, a Liga MX club, currently has the upper hand in the race to sign the defender.

"I like a challenge and I can adapt to any situation. I am currently studying each scenario regarding the places where I could go that have a good competitivity level. You have to work alongside people who share the same goals you have and who want to fight for titles and win I like to win. I want to play somewhere I can keep winning. I am not ruling out anything right now, but if I returned to Brazil, I would surely return only to Atlético Paranaense," Alves said.

The 39-year-old defender is reportedly in advanced talks to join the Liga MX team, which have already sent Alves a proposal to hire him for the next 12 months.