Apparently, some former members for Los Merengues are not ready to see their team missing out on the chance to see Mbappé wearing their jersey.

Kylian Mbappé's decision to snub Real Madrid is still creating some waves, especially after Florentino Pérez's words in a Spanish television show last night. While most fans and former players have already decided to turn the page from that botched transfer, one of Los Blancos' greatest footballers shared a curious but wishful view on how the Frenchman could still play for Los Merengues.

Speaking in an interview with Marca, five-time Pichichi winner Hugo Sánchez urged Los Blancos fans to keep their hopes up about Mbappé finally deciding to play for the Spanish giants. According to the Golden Boot winner, the French footballer has only paused his desire to play for Los Blancos since he believes his decision had external factors having an influence in it.

"I believe that he hasn't turned down Real Madrid for good, he only told him to wait a while. He is under so much pressure, with so many external situations surrounding him, and maybe even his family having to do with his final decision. That may have been the reason behind his snub, but it could happen in the near future. It was his wish and his illusion, but as he said, that dream can wait for a little bit more,"Sánchez said.

The Mexican ace, who held the La Liga record for most goals scored in a single season before the Messi-Ronaldo era, urged fans to understand the reasons behind this decision, hinting that even political pressures had to do with him signing a new deal with PSG.

"We have to try and understand him. I believe he is still giving signs of wanting to come to Real Madrid, but now, because of social and political pressures, he simply could not follow his heart. It is not about money, because he was going to earn as much cash at Real Madrid as he will do with PSG. He is telling us that he could not betray his country or politics behind his signing, which are stronger than money for him," the former striker said.

Kylian Mbappé signed a three-year extension with PSG last month, putting an end to all speculation about his future in professional football. While Sánchez's words may seem far-fetched, the possibility of Kylian Mbappé's signature with Los Blancos may still be there, but it remains to be seen if their fans can forget about what turned out to be a major blow to their hopes of a marquee signing.