The English giants have decided to terminate their sponsorship deal following the escalation of events in the Russia-Ukraine spat.

The Russia and Ukraine situation has rapidly gotten worse seemingly overnight, and with the recent conflict now escalating, other organizations have come under increasing pressure to re-evaluate some of their business arrangements.

Earlier, we revealed that due to security concerns and other issues, UEFA have decided to move this year's Champions League final from St. Petersburg to Paris.

And now, Manchester United have decided to break ties with one of their major sponsors due to the ongoing conflict.

Russian airline company Aeroflot has been a major sponsor of the Red Devils since 2013, and four years later, in 2017, the contract between the company and the English powerhouse was extended for approximately $53 million (about £40 million). So far, Manchester United have pulled in an estimated $130 million-plus (£100 million) over the near-decade the two entities have been in partnership, but that now looks set to have come to a rather abrupt end.

Manchester United's break from Aeroflot comes on the heels of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to ban Aeroflot flights from coming into the United Kingdom.

It will be interesting to see where the Red Devils look next in terms of finding another airline sponsor, but in the meantime, the team will be back in action this weekend as they welcome Watford to Old Trafford.