Three of the world's largest social media platforms went off the grid for a few hours, leading to several hilarious jokes via Twitter.

Monday, October 4 began as any other normal day but as the hours passed by, the world witnessed a modern-day crisis: a worldwide outage of the oh-so addictive social media.

Not every social media platform crashed – the likes of Twitter, Viber, and many others remained intact. However, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp; three of the biggest names in the industry; all went off the grid, sparking a frenzy, several headline-grabbing articles, and a number of hilarious jokes.

This occurrence led to hilarious trolls and punchlines flooding Twitter, as it was one of the few major platforms to avoid this chaos. What made this incident stand out, however, is the fact that some of the most high-profiled names in football, be it a player or club, hopped on the bandwagon and cracked a few jokes in reference to yesterday's outage.

PSG and Brazil sensation Neymar was one of them, with the Selecao ace pointing out that both Facebook co-founder Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and himself had enjoyed a horrible weekend, writing: "Just 'Zuck''s weekend and mine that went bad or someone else's too?" In case you did not know, the Ligue 1 giants suffered a shock defeat on Sunday, going 2-0 down against Rennes.

Dutch giants Ajax also joined in on the fun, using yesterday's controversy to take aim at the return of the international break, which is the bane of many clubs and football fans' existence.

Spartak Moscow, on the other hand, took shots at Barcelona, joking that social media hit a new low that even the struggling Catalan giants are yet to reach this season, poking fun at the Blaugrana's ongoing crisis under Ronald Koeman.

Then there was this joke from Lucas Moura, with the Tottenham talent offering words of wisdom to the social media addicts, albeit with a pinch of humor sprinkled on it. Surprise, surprise: one can derive much joy from putting down the smartphone and engaging with the person sitting right beside you!

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