The Hungary captain accused the medical staff of not responding quickly enough to the emergency, a sentiment echoed on social media by many fans.

UEFA has released a statement in response to criticism directed at the medical staff at the Scotland vs. Hungary game following their reaction to Barnabas Varga's horrific head injury.

The Hungarian striker got caught in an awful midair collision with the Scotland goalkeeper which left him unconscious. He was treated on the pitch before ultimately being stretchered off and rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, the 29-year-old is in a stable condition. However, he will have to undergo surgery after breaking several bones in his face.

Hungary captain Dominik Szoboszlai, who was in tears following this horrendous incident, later accused the medical staff of not responding quickly enough to the emergency, a sentiment echoed on social media by many fans.

However, European football's organizing body has pushed back on this criticism, stating that there was no delay in the medical staff's response, with the doctors and emergency team following customary medical procedures to a tee.

"With regards to the medical intervention following the head injury suffered by Barnabas Varga of Hungary, we would like to clarify that the intervention of the team doctor happened within 15 seconds of the incident, followed immediately by the second stadium doctor, to conduct a first assessment of the injury and provide appropriate treatment, as per customary medical procedures.

"The qualified pitchside emergency team were waiting pitchside, according to their protocol, and arrived with the stretcher as soon as their intervention was requested by the medics to evacuate the player for his immediate transfer to hospital.

"The coordination between all the medical staff on site was professional and everything was done in accordance with the applicable medical procedures. There was no delay in the treatment of and assistance to the player."

In all fairness to Szoboszlai, his frustration was not with the amount of time it took the medical team to enter the pitch. Instead, he accused the respondents of walking to the unconscious player instead of sprinting across the pitch.

"I have no idea what the protocol is, whether people are not allowed to run onto the pitch if we need help, but.." the Liverpool ace told Magenta TV, as per the Daily Mail.

When asked if the response was rapid enough, he replied: "I don't think so. 

"You could see that it's a huge problem. Everyone was running, I was running - these things add up to seconds. 

"It's not my decision, but we have to change something about it. We have to do it faster, much faster. Everyone knows that seconds add up."

Varga's tournament is over and while he will need surgery, the fact that he is in a stable condition is news worth celebrating. Hungary, meanwhile, managed to regather despite the horrific incident and beat Scotland 1-0.

This leaves Magyarok with three points and in the race for a round of 16 ticket. Rossi's men are currently the third-highest ranked third-placed team and will thus make the knockout stage should things remain the same once the group stage wraps up.