The North American league will continue despite being so close to the start of the Copa América, and MLS Season Pass will provide coverage of this week's matches.

It may not be the typical weekend for all Major League Soccer fans, but that does not mean they will not get to enjoy some fine fixtures.

This weekend, the North American league will only see eight teams going at it on Saturday, with pending fixtures being held all over the country. There will be a diverse field of teams playing this weekend, with some of the top clubs in each conference and others that are trying to go back to the upper half of their respective tables.

Luckily for them, MLS Season Pass will be there for them to follow every single match being held on Saturday.

Watch MLS

The platform will include all four games being played during the weekend, with the streaming service powered by Apple TV ready to cover all matches in two different time slots. 

Things will get going with New England vs New York RB. Both these clubs are included in the Eastern Conference, but New York is closer to the top spot. With that in mind, TH Swo teams trying to leave a lasting impression and to leave the bottom half of the Eastern Conference.

The second time slot will be packed, starting with Minnesota United vs Dallas, a game where the hosts can come closer to the top of the Western Conference. Dallas has not been able to win any of their last four, which may give you a hint on who could claim all the points here.

Trying not to spoil the fun, here is the full list of games MLS Season Pass will cover this weekend.