The French goalkeeper seemed to clear the ball with his fist, but he was not able to hold back and ended up hitting Danilo.

Portugal took the lead during their game against France thanks to a penalty kick by Cristiano Ronaldo, and while that should be enough reason to talk about it, the real reason why we need to discuss that play has to do with what led to ref Mateu Lahoz to grant the spot kick.

Moments before CR7 found the back of the net, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris failed to clear the ball properly from his box after a free kick, and while at it, he hit Danilo Pereira's head with both his fist and his elbow. While some may believe that awarding the penalty could have been harsh, the fact that Lloris only touched the ball after Danilo rules out any chance to "save" Lloris from such as decision.

If that move by Lloris does not inspire you to grant a penalty, then we are still wondering what would. Have a look at the action and Cristiano Ronaldo's subsequent goal (Image might be geo-restricted).