The current Premier League leaders will have to look elsewhere to replace Jürgen Klopp, as their initial option has turned them down.

The next few months will not be easy for Liverpool, since they will have to keep fighting to win titles under Jurgen Klopp, and the team's front office will have to look for the man that takes over at Anfield following the German's stint.

The team, currently sitting at the top of the Premier League, has already been linked to some famous names that were reportedly interested in Klopp's hotseat, but one of those names has already drawn a line and denied the option to coach Liverpool.

As per recent reports, the man who has turned down an offer to follow Klopp's legacy is none other than Pep Lijnders, who works as Klopp's assistant. The Dutch coach had been tipped as one coach that could follow Klopp's steps, but he turned down the offer as his loyalties as an assistant lie with Klopp.

"I always said I will finish with Jürgen; the moment I will not assist anyone else, that's the moment I will go and I will manage. That was always the case. So when we spoke, it was clear for me: OK, then I go and manage, and we end this project together," Lijnders said.

Then, the coach admitted that most of Klopp's staff had realized the project should have ended last summer, but everyone agreed to return for one final hurrah.

"It's not easy, leaving such a club. But in life I feel always you have to do the right thing and the right thing means that in the summer we said we continue and we go with all we have, we make it 'the Last Dance', we make it like a proper ending," Lijnders added.

The Reds are also ready to play for the title in the Carabao Cup, while their runs in the UEFA Europa League and the FA Cup still look solid. How many of these titles will Liverpool celebrate when the season comes to an end? We will have to wait and see.