The French striker is said to be seeking for an exit away from Al Ittihad, and there are some interesting suitors in his immediate future.

Karim Benzema has not been enjoying life at Saudi Arabia recently, and his apparent problems to adjust to life in Asia has prompted rumors about a potential return to Europe.

The French striker still enjoys quite a reputation among scouts for the top European leagues, and there are some who believe he is close to making a comeback to one of the best leagues in the continent.

With that in mind, reports started circulating about the possibility of Benzema joining Premier League clubs such as Manchester United. Nonetheless, the club that would be closer to hiring the footballer would be none other than Chelsea.

A report by The Telegraph states that Benzema would become a suitable option for Chelsea to hire on loan, especially after the recent events that have seen his availability at Al Ittihad being questioned. Benzema has failed to report to the team's mid-season workouts, which have prompted doubts regarding his future. 

Another option for Chelsea would be another Pro League player, as Roberto Firmino has also been linked to a move back to the Premier League. Nonetheless, the Brazilian ace's links to Liverpool would not be easy to overlook, which makes Benzema a much better alternative for the Blues.

Since Chelsea may not be able to fund a long-term transfer for Benzema, the road to hire the footballer would forcefully include a loan. As things stand, the ball is on Al Ittihad's corner, but keeping an unsatisfied player around could be counterproductive for the black and yellow side.