This is the first time in which the new kit for Los Culés has not featured Lionel Messi since he arrived to the club.

Earlier today, Barcelona released what will be their new home kit for the 2021-22 season with quite a few talking points for fans and experts to discuss.

The kit, which shows the classic vertical blue and red stripes, will now have a slightly lighter color than the one used in previous seasons. Added to that, the team's shorts will have one leg in blue and the other one in red. But the main difference between this jersey and previous iterations is the inclusion of the cross that can also be found in the team's crest.

Added to that, in a sign of the time we are living in, the kit for the men's and the women's teams will be the same, with the only difference being the sponsor on each team's jersey.

Have a look at the promotional video released by Barcelona to unveil the kit.

One major difference from this year and previous unveiling videos is that Lionel Messi did not have any role in the video. Why do we bring this up? Because he had always been handed a stellar role in such videos. Now, with the player still considering his options regarding a potential exit, the team's hierarchy decided to include players such as Gerard Piqué and Antoine Griezmann in the promo video.

As usual, fans reacted on social media to this new kit, but we will let you decide if it's adequate for the team or not once you read other opinions.