The Spanish giants are considering one final move for the French superstar, but they will only do so in a way their reputation is not tarnished one more time.

The never-ending story about how Real Madrid insist to hire Kylian Mbappé will see one more chapter added to that book this winter, but Los Merengues are reportedly ready to take the necessary steps to save face if the striker wants to pull off a move as the one he did in 2022.

With Mbappé's deal set to expire next summer, the player will be able to start negotiations with any club that wishes to hire him on the first minute of 2024. Real Madrid know this and will pursue his signing one more time, but they will not take anything for granted and will push for a move as soon as possible...or never more.

According to a report by Diario As, the team will get in touch with the player's agent and mother, Fayza Lamari, on January 1. They will offer their revised terms and a hefty offer to see Mbappé joining Los Blancos, but the real difference between this approach and the one they had in the summer of 2022 will be the waiting period for Mbappé's decision, since Real Madrid will not wait that much for him to make up his mind.

The article states that Mbappé will have 15 days to decide if he is willing to accept those terms. If he fails to make up his mind, to propose new terms, or simply turns down Real Madrid's offer, then the club will not pursue his signing again. This decision comes from Florentino Pérez himself, who took most of the heat after the failed transfer saga from 2022, which ended in Mbappé's contract extension with PSG.

Considering every aspect of their story, Real Madrid will try to twist Mbappé's arm right from the start, especially if he fails to extend his deal at Parc des Princes. If Mbappé decides not to join the Spanish side, then Real Madrid will turn their sights to "Plan B": Erling Haaland.

All developments in this case will come next month (or next year, whichever works best for you), but apparently, we could be heading into the final chapter of this never-ending saga. Will Real Madrid finally land Mbappé's signing? We shall wait and see what the future holds in store for him.